//Becoming a New Father: My Story and Advice

Becoming a New Father: My Story and Advice

Becoming a new father is both exciting and scary. You are probably wondering what do I do now. Well I’m here to tell you everything is going to be fine and you are about to experience the next chapter in your life, which will be satisfying and challenging at the same time.


I remember becoming a new father as if it happened yesterday when my oldest son was born and I went to the hospital to see him. He was crying in my wife’s arms. She then handed him over to me and he stopped crying as if to say, “Now I feel safe because I’m in my daddy’s arms.”


My wife did not spend a lot of time in the hospital and when it was time to leave they wrapped up my little bundle of joy, gave us some bottles of milk and said, “adios amigos, have a great time with your baby!” While in the car, my wife and I were so nervous because we didn’t know how to handle our first child.


Looking back, I now laugh because not only did we survive, but now are proud parents of two other boys who have enriched our lives just like your new son or daughter will enrich yours. The piece of advice I can give any new father is to enjoy and cherish every moment spent with your children because time goes by so fast.


I’m hoping young men take this advice and never forget it because your children will need you in this scary world when they are confronted with bullying, being offered drugs, alcohol, peer pressure, pregnancy, advising them on dating and consoling them when they get their hearts broken.


Becoming a new father is a daunting task at first, but once you embrace it whole heartedly, it’s the best thing to ever happen in any man’s life.

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