Best Extracurricular Activity Examples for College Applications

Best Extracurricular Activity Examples for College Applications

Extracurricular activity is an essential aspect of your passionate young-self that will help you get into the right college as well as grow as a person. There’s no one perfect extracurricular activity. In general, you have to combine three very important points that will show your unique personality, your will to learn and excel at the desired field as well as the readiness to help your community. Keep on reading to find out more.

Show that you’re passionate about your future

Obviously, the first part of your extracurricular activity should clearly show how interested you are in the specific career field. Basically, you need to show that you are the right candidate to be accepted into the desired college. You can do that by demonstrating your already strong interests in the field. That being said, when you’re looking for an
extracurricular activity that will boost your chances of college admission, you should do something that’s related to your desired study course. However, it’s important that you show enough passion and joy in your extracurricular work. This will show that your choice of college is something that will make you fulfilled and happy. Going after the money once you finish college is not a good motivation and it probably won’t take you far.

Best examples of career-oriented extracurricular activities include running your own school newspaper or even a blog if you’re looking for a career in communications. If you’re interested in science or maths, participation and rewards from science/math competitions are perfect. With computer science you can experiment with app creation while in medicine, volunteers are always welcome.

Show that you care about your community

It’s essential that you show just how much you care about improving your community. Extracurricular activities that clearly show you being a devoted member of your community are very well received. Find something that you enjoy doing while helping others. The more time you commit to this activity, the better. You can always check online for ideas and your community’s needs. On the other hand, you can ask special educational organizations to help you choose the right path. With that in mind,
UMAT tutoring approach will help you nail your medical admission and extracurricular activity that’s valuable for the community. Apart from that, you can volunteer at schools, libraries and community gardens. Moreover, your help at animal shelters and nursing homes can really make your college admission stand out. Regardless of what you choose to do, make sure that your extracurricular activity is rewarding for both you and your community.

Show your uniqueness and individuality

Finally, it’s important that your extracurricular activities reflect who you are. Without the personal touch, all the effort you put into this may simply seem too mechanical and calculated. Basically, you don’t need to choose an additional activity. It’s important that you integrate yourself and your own way of doing things into your career and community activities. On the other hand, it’s perfectly fine that you have some strong interests outside your desired college course. In general, don’t be afraid to do you. If you want to deliver news to your peers by creating YouTube videos or blog posts together with newspapers, go for it. You may want to combine your scientific research with some physical activity or sport. Perhaps you can let your inner entertainer shine at your volunteer work at nursing homes and hospitals. Use your hobbies, other talents and unique personality traits to shape up your extracurricular activity.

In the end, your extracurricular effort should show your passion for emotional and intellectual growth. Take the initiative to make a change within your community and help others. Demonstrate your skills as well as positive attitude and work ethics. Combine the enjoyable with the beneficial and your extracurricular activity will present your qualities in the best way possible.

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