Bringing Up The Subject of Birth Control

There are many subjects that we often have to bring up with our kids and teens on a daily basis, and the majority of them can be quite uncomfortable for both parties. Whether it be sex, drugs, other substance abuse, racism, politics, or anything in between, they are all topics that tend to turn the cheeks of both parent and child as red as a tomato. One of those similar topics would be that of birth control. However, there are ways to approach this topic that can make it a little more easy for both sides of the spectrum, and the idea of birth control doesn’t always have to be linked to the morals and concerns of sex at a young age. Let me explain a little further the point I am trying to get across.


When I was about to enter my freshmen year of college, it was just me and my dad living in our house. All through high school, I had suffered from horrible bouts of acne, to the point where many medications and cleansing treatments just weren’t fighting it. My dad decided to schedule me an appointment with our family physician to discuss adding birth control to my regimen, as some birth control have ingredients that can help to clear up skin and prevent further acne breakouts. Now, I’m no dummy, and I realize that my dad was not only getting me a prescription for birth control for just the breakouts. However, even if there was an underlying cause for prescribing it to me, I am so grateful for my dad that he brought up the situation in the way he did. It allowed for me to kill two birds with one stone, in a way, and it saved us a lot of uncomfortable feelings.


Talking to your kids and teens about birth control and the idea of safe sex can be difficult, and of course, awkward in some circumstances. However, if you bring up the conversation in a relaxed and non threatening tone, your children will be more comprehensive of why it is so important to give it a try, and also why having safe sex is so important as well. We can’t be naïve and believe that our children aren’t getting into that type of behavior and actions, but with some helpful advice and understanding, your words will go a long way.