Can Home Tutoring be Beneficial to your Child?

Private tutoring is hugely beneficial especially in the academic development of a child. However, its importance is not recognized by many parents. Studies show that tutoring can boost the grade of a child by more than one and a half grades.

What is the work of a tutor?
To understand how tutoring helps a child it is first important to know the work of a tutor. The role of a tutor is to assist a child in doing his/ her schoolwork. A tutor is usually paid to help a child in their schoolwork, either on an individual basis or with a group of children. A tutor usually emphasizes on a particular academic subject that the child faces difficulties in, or may also coach and teach the child-specific exam techniques.

A tutor mostly assists a child who is struggling with their homework or schoolwork, or requires to pass a specific exam, for example, an entrance exam or a particular subject at the GCSE or A-level. But there are times a tutor is paid to boost the performance of a kid who has an exceptional capability.

Many parents who turn towards tutoring mostly do this because their children have not been able to keep up in class, or their grades have depreciated, or the parents don’t have time to tutor their kids by themselves. In a study done by the National Center for Family Literacy nearly more than 50 percent of parents hire tutors since they are unable to help their kids.

The benefits of having a tutor for your child include

It offers one on one attention:
In a normal classroom setup at school, the number of children is usually around 30-35 in one class. This may prove to be difficult for children to get the desired attention from a tutor, since there are many students and the teacher cannot provide one to one learning to all of them. A tutor becomes important since they perform the role of a private teacher and are available to cater for all your child academic needs.

It is more convenient and flexible:
Having a tutor around is a good idea since it is beneficial especially if you have a busy schedule. You can choose how often the tutor comes in a week and also make a program according to the child’s progress. Tutoring is also convenient since tutors can work right in your home making it easy and efficient.

They teach more than the syllabus material:
Children are only taught material that is found in the school’s curriculum. An added advantage is that a tutor can teach extra than what is found in the syllabus, Tutors also teach children skills such as organization, time management study skills, etc. that go a long way in helping the development of the child.

Signs that show your child may need a tutor include

Struggles and avoids homework:
If you observe that your child struggles and utilizes too much time while doing homework, it might be wise to seek professional help. The more a child struggles with his homework, the more the possibility of him avoiding it and be more frustrated with their schoolwork.

Falling behind in class and getting bad grades:
You should be alarmed when your child’s grades drop or fluctuate, for example, if your child was scoring B in a subject and they suddenly flunk to C’s and D’s. This is a telltale sign that your child has not understood what he/she is being taught at school.

Loses interest in school:
You should be vigilant and always track your child’s attitude towards school and schoolwork. If your child experiences some frustration towards a particular subject or school, in general, it should raise the alarm.

If you find out your child shows the above signs, it is recommended to pursue tutoring and invite or organize for a tutor to assist your child. Your child’s teacher may also suggest a tutor for your child. Many tutors have different styles and approaches to working.

You should understand what will work for your child according to where the tutoring will take place and who the tutor will be. It is essential to choose a schedule that will be most suitable for both you and your child. It is also crucial that you ensure that you get a tutor as early as possible since the more your kid fails to understand concepts the more he will lag behind.

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