Accountability is one of the 12 traits of social responsibility. An accountable person is required or expected to justify their actions or decisions. An accountable person is takes responsibility for their actions.

Should kids pick their own punishments? Bruce Feiler introduces family practices which encourage flexibility, bottom-up idea flow, constant feedback, and accountability.


3 Super-Helpful Ways to Brainstorm Topics for the College Essay (Infographic)

Transizion offers one-on-one boot camps on college essay writing, college applications, and career readiness for high school students. Build your college admissions advantage and submit your best college application with Transizion's help. Transizion also donates a portion of profits to low-income students and veterans in need of college prep and [...]

Can Home Tutoring be Beneficial to your Child?

Can Home Tutoring be Beneficial to your Child? Private tutoring is hugely beneficial especially in the academic development of a child. However, its importance is not recognized by many parents. Studies show that tutoring can boost the grade of a child by more than one and a half grades. What [...]

How to Help Children with Homework

How to Help Children with Homework Kids dragging their feet to do their homework is a clichéd image. But you know what they say, it is cliché because it is true! Ok, that isn’t the exact saying but you know what we’re getting at. Most kids do not like doing [...]

4 Key Ingredients to Cure “Common Core Math Frustration Syndrome”

4 Key Ingredients to Cure “Common Core Math Frustration Syndrome” For many parents, it’s an all too familiar scenario. Your child is doing his homework in the dining room. Loud, angry exhales and the sound of a furious eraser tells you he is obviously frustrated by his math [...]

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness By Lou Scotti   What are the tools required for happiness… and do you as a parent have the ability to provide these tools for your children?   The pursuit of happiness is a right of all our children, or is it. Yes pursuing happiness is something we can all do, [...]

Raising Digital Natives with Character

  Parenting is vastly different today and challenging in new ways, in great part due to social media. Our children, having grown up with technology, are digital natives, more comfortable texting than talking, playing video games than playing softball. However, despite the focus on non-personal communications, parents still must strive to raise kids with character [...]

Letting It Go: Take Responsibility, Make Amends and Forgive Yourself

Forgiving ourselves for hurting another is easier if we first make amends — thus giving our inner selves a “moral OK,” according to Baylor University psychology researchers.   The research, published in The Journal of Positive Psychology, is significant because previous studies show that the inability to self-forgive can be a factor in depression, anxiety [...]

Disciplining Children, Kids and Teenagers: What to Know

Disciplining children is a difficult - I’ve discussed it plenty of times with friends and colleagues.  I've also seen posts about discipline on Yellowbrick as well.  The conclusion of every one of these discussions seems to be the same:  we're all different, and we're not quite sure what's right.  Below is some research that may [...]

Authoritarian parenting may lower your child’s self-esteem

Ever wonder if your parenting style is affecting your child’s self-esteem? Members of the Yellowbrick.me community have expressed interest in learning the science behind self-esteem. And so we interviewed an expert in this area – Jenny Kurman, PhD – who was happy to teach us a little about “explicit” and “implicit” self-esteem. But what exactly [...]