Benevolence is one of the 12 traits of social responsibility. A benevolent person is well-meaning and kind. A benevolent person tries their best be a good-natured person at all times.

Don’t want to raise a psychopath? Be sensitive to a child’s distress

How do you stop a child, especially one who has experienced significant adversity, from growing up to be a psychopath? Responsive, empathetic caregiving – especially when children are in distress – helps prevent boys from becoming callous, unemotional adolescents, according to a new Tulane University study of children raised in foster care.   The research, [...]

Racism – How to Approach a Difficult Conversation With Your Kids

There are many topics when it comes to your children that can seem terrifying to have, or in better terms, quite difficult to approach. Of course, as they get older, it doesn't become any easier, but sometimes beginning to speak with them about these taboo topics at an earlier age can be beneficial both to [...]

Lied-to Children More Likely to Cheat and Lie

People lie – we know this. People lie to kids – we know this, too. But what happens next? Do children who’ve been lied to lie more themselves?   Surprisingly, the question had not been asked experimentally until Chelsea Hays, then an undergraduate student in psychology at the University of California, San Diego, approached professor [...]

How to Talk to Your Child About Racism

When approaching the subject of racism with your child it is important to remember that popular culture may promote specific types of racism and if you leave it too long to begin talking with your child they may be exposed to massive amounts of racism that will warp their view because it is seen as [...]

How to Prevent Bullying and Aggressive Behavior

There has been a great deal of attention lately on bullying, and for good reason. Most of us know that bullying can leave lasting hurt feelings in children. If bullying is allowed to go unchecked, it can have very dangerous consequences. What is a parent to do? Below are a handful of tips to help [...]