Cooperativeness is one of the 12 traits of social responsibility. A cooperative person works with others toward a common goal. A cooperative person is willing to be of assistance, even when there are no obvious personal benefits.

Expert advice for parents of children who participate in sports

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Does your child participate in sports? If so, you’re a “sport parent” and you’ve probably already seen those outrageous YouTube videos of parents behaving badly at youth sporting events. The community wants to know more about the science behind sport parenting and so we interviewed two experts in this area -- Chris Harwood, PhD [...]

My Tips for Co-Parenting Dads

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Co-parenting with your ex-wife (or ex-partner) influences the stability of your children. The level of cooperation is important to consider when planning to parent in such a situation. In co-parenting, dads must understand that the child always comes first. Proper co-parenting involves constantly making important decisions. It also involves portraying love to your children. However, this can be quite [...]

Preschoolers with low empathy at risk for continued problems

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A toddler who doesn't feel guilty after misbehaving or who is less affectionate or less responsive to affection from others might not raise a red flag to parents, but these behaviors may result in later behavior problems in 1st grade.   The findings come from a University of Michigan study that identifies different types of [...]

Let’s Talk Together: How to Start a Meaningful Conversation With Your Children

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  Dr. Ivan Ferrero is a psychologist, psychotherapist, and educator. He is one of Italy's most accomplished parenting experts. In this Yellowbrick talk, Dr. Ferrero will teach you the how to start a meaningful conversation with your children. Upon the completion of this course, you will be able to apply the three "Golden "Rules" to [...]