Generosity is one of the 12 traits of social responsibility. A generous person shows a readiness to give more of something than is strictly necessary or expected (e.g., money, time, etc).

Small Favors Can Yield Large Returns, Study Finds

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Many people hold the door open for strangers. But what do people give in return?   Neuroscientists at the Brain and Creativity Institute at USC have found the door holder’s effort is a key factor in whether someone returns a favor or says “thank you.”   If the door holder made a high effort by [...]

The power of thank you: UGA research links gratitude to positive marital outcomes

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A key ingredient to improving couples' marriages might just be gratitude, according to new University of Georgia research.   The study was recently published in the journal Personal Relationships.   "We found that feeling appreciated and believing that your spouse values you directly influences how you feel about your marriage, how committed you are to [...]

Disasters prompt older children to be more giving, younger children to be more selfish

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A natural disaster can bring out the best in older children, prompting 9-year-olds to be more willing to share, while 6-year-olds become more selfish. Researchers at the University of Toronto, the University of Chicago, and Liaoning Normal University made this finding in a rare natural experiment in China around the time of a horrific earthquake. [...]

Surprising Connections Between Our Well-Being and Giving, Getting, and Gratitude

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We all know that getting a good night's sleep is good for our general health and well-being. But new research is highlighting a more surprising benefit of good sleep: more feelings of gratitude for relationships.   "A plethora of research highlights the importance of getting a good night’s sleep for physical and psychological well-being, yet [...]

Nurturing Character with Gratitude

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With the holiday season upon us parents are in the thick of it. Trips, cooking, hosting family and friends, school performances, canned food drives, gift shopping… All this and we need to make time for homework, extracurriculars, and oh yeah, family! Step back and keep the big picture in mind: in the long-term you are [...]

Certain Parenting Tactics Could Lead to Materialistic Attitudes in Adulthood

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Many parents may be tempted to give children all the toys and gadgets they ask for or use the expectation of gifts to manage children’s behavior. Now, a new study from the University of Missouri and the University of Illinois at Chicago found that parents who use material goods as part of their parenting techniques [...]

The little things: Gratitude and shared laughter strengthen romantic partnerships

2018-03-09T01:29:16+00:00 December 11th, 2016|Generosity, Relationships|

“You need to let the little things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you.” — Andy Warhol, American artist   For years, we’ve heard authors, inspirational speakers, and even our parents attribute happiness to “the little things,” and Sara Algoe couldn’t agree more. “It’s the little things that really help relationships flourish,” the UNC-Chapel [...]

Growing up grateful gives teens multiple mental health benefits

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Grateful teens are more likely than their less grateful peers to be happy, less likely to abuse drugs and alcohol and less likely to have behavior problems at school, according to research presented at the American Psychological Association’s 120th Annual Convention.   “Gratitude played an important role in many areas of positive mental health of [...]

The Benefits of Children Volunteering

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I never volunteered during my childhood years. I was raised to care about the misfortunes of others, to appreciate what we had, but volunteering was not something we did. If asked, my parents likely would have pointed to long work hours and the awkwardness of arranging hours without cutting into one parent's custodial time unfairly [...]

Volunteer Ideas for Preteens and Teens

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Volunteering within the local community offers many benefits to preteens and teens. It can be a great way to connect them with other young people their age, coordinating together on large projects. And it can also be a great way to broaden their perspective. This is because when you volunteer, you come face to face with the way [...]