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Time to Lay the Stereotype of the Teen Brain to Rest

by Dan Romer, University of Pennsylvania A deficit in the development of the teenage brain has been blamed for teens’ behavior in recent years, but it may be time to lay the stereotype of the wild teenage brain to rest. Brain deficits don’t make teens do risky things; lack of experience and a drive to explore […]

What Is a Teen Girl Life Coach and Could Your Daughter Use One?

By Sarah Calatayud, Yellowbrick Staff Writer You may have heard of professional life coaches who help people assess where they are on their career paths and develop strategies for achieving career goals. Have you heard of teen life coaches? More specifically, did you know there are teen life coaches specifically for teen girls? Denise Barats […]

Teaching Our Children to Be Allies

By Lacey Byrne, Yellowbrick Staff Writer At Yellowbrick, we strive to provide resources for parents to help them foster inclusive and socially conscientious children. We’ve been talking a lot lately about bystanders and becoming allies to disenfranchised groups. We need to create a climate of outspoken bystanders in the face of bullying, overt racism, or […]

Trauma or Trigger – 3 Ways to Know the Difference

By Donna C. Moss, MA, LCSW-R These days trigger warnings and PTSD are all over college campuses, counseling centers and popular culture. But if you’re confused, you’re not alone. I find it troubling that these two have been conflated to mean the same thing. They are, in fact, very different. A trigger is like when […]

Why boys need to have conversations about emotional intimacy in classrooms

By Amy Schalet, University of Massachusetts Amherst   An award-winning, veteran Bronx high school teacher, handed in his resignation after colliding with the school’s principal in 2016. Tom Porton had distributed HIV/AIDS education fliers listing nonsexual ways of “Making Love Without Doin’ It” (including advice to “read a book together”). What does it say when a […]

A Letter to Myself About Bullying

By Paul Jarvis   Below is a message to my teenage self. I spent a lot of time in high school being picked on and bullied and although I’ve moved past it now, at the time it was tough to deal with. I’m older now and don’t claim to have any advice about bullying in […]

The Research Behind the Argument for a Later School Start Time

By Amy Wadsworth Sleeping in, even for a little while on a weekday, might seem like an unnecessary luxury to some, but for high school students it’s been proven to be a medical necessity. Nine hours of sleep is ideal for most teens according to a number of recent highly regarded studies, including one administered […]

So your teenager is vaping e-cigarettes – should you worry?

Photo Credit: Mike Mozart, CC BY   By Lynn T. Kozlowski, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York E-cigarettes and other vaping products are on track to out-sell cigarettes by the end of 2023. And more and more young people are trying e-cigarettes. So what do you need to know about them? Are they less […]