Why Manning Up is Killing You

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by Mike Sweeney I couldn’t believe what I was hearing on this gloriously sunny day. Whilst out walking the dog I heard this Dad shouting at his son. “Come on, you’re fine,” he said whilst walking ten meters ahead of his son. His little boy, who must have only been about five years old, was [...]

Teens aren’t just risk machines – there’s a method to their madness

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Jessica Flannery, University of Oregon; Elliot Berkman, University of Oregon, and Jennifer Pfeifer, University of Oregon You know the conventional wisdom: Adolescents are impulsive by nature, like bombs ready to go off at the most minor trigger. Parents feel they must cross their fingers and hope no one lights the fuse that will lead to [...]

Helping Your Child to Learn That Feelings Pass

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by Donna C. Moss, MA, LCSW-R Teaching CBT or DBT to teens and young adults is a little like teaching surfing. You have to learn to ride things out. Feelings come and go. It’s no longer getting through it, or dealing with it or coping with it; it’s TOLERATING it. The number one thing I’ve [...]

Growth Mindset Training Can Reduce Depression and Anxiety in Teens

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by Nadene van der Linden “Growth mindset” is a term I often see related to increasing productivity in business. Initially I was a bit suspicious. When I looked into it, I realized growth mindset is what I help children and adults learn every day at my clinic. People with a growth mindset are flexible thinkers [...]

Bullied, From Childhood to Twenty-Five Years Later

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By Gabe Howard   My name is Gabe Howard and I’m forty years old. I’m outgoing and charismatic, and I make my living as a writer and speaker. Despite a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, my adult life is stable and I’m content. When it comes to my childhood, many things stand out, but — even [...]

When is a Relationship Real? – 4 Signs to Tell

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Donna C. Moss, MA, LCSW-R   I once knew a girl from work with whom I worked remotely. We worked together building communities and commitments and trust. We worked together for many years without ever having met. I knew her. I came to rely on her. And we are still friends. But with my clients [...]

Letting Go of Your Teen

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Donna C. Moss, MA, LCSW-R   How come every time my 17-year old leaves the house I get a panic attack? Protecting my investment, I guess. As these teens march forward after years of bills, laundry, camp, school, fights, flights and more, how do we suddenly let go? Teenagers are not necessarily aware of their [...]

“Prepare U” Aims to Help Schools Turn the Disturbing Tide of Teen Suicide

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The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that the suicide rates for adolescent boys and girls have been steadily rising since 2007. In fact, during the period 2007-2015, the suicide rate for girls ages 15 to 19 doubled, and the rate for boys increased by 30% over the same period.

How to Help Your Teen Defeat Productivity’s Worst Enemy… Procrastination!

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Self-esteem effects so much more than just a child’s personality. Self-esteem is one of those cyclical things. With great self-esteem tends to come confidence in their school work. With confidence in their work comes good grades. With good grades comes… high self-esteem! It is a magical thing. It can be a painful thing to watch if your little one is not as self-confident as they should be, and it can have some pretty negative consequences. So what can you do to boost their confidence?