When words become weapons: Suicide prevention and kids’ online behavior

By  Shane G. Owens, Ph.D., ABPP   On July 12, 2014, 17-year-old Michelle Carter repeatedly encouraged her 18-year-old boyfriend, Conrad Roy III, to kill himself.   He was in his truck in a K-Mart parking lot, pumping the cab full of carbon monoxide gas. When he stepped out of the truck, she ordered him by [...]

4 Simple Things You Can Do To Help Kids Cope with Tragedy

By  Shane G. Owens, Ph.D., ABPP   Tragedy has come again. Whether you are reading this in response to an intentional act, an accident, or some natural disaster, your response is likely the same. You feel sad and afraid. Perhaps you lost sleep. Maybe you had nightmares, if you slept at all. You are thinking [...]

Expert advice for parents of children who participate in sports

Does your child participate in sports? If so, you’re a “sport parent” and you’ve probably already seen those outrageous YouTube videos of parents behaving badly at youth sporting events. The Yellowbrick.me community wants to know more about the science behind sport parenting and so we interviewed two experts in this area -- Chris Harwood, PhD [...]

Keeping the peace when your kid moves home

By  Shane G. Owens, Ph.D., ABPP   Over the next several weeks, emerging adults will walk across the stage at commencement and right back into their childhood bedrooms. In 2014, just over 32% of millennials were living with their parents.   These living arrangements can cause difficulty for everyone involved, so it's best to set [...]

Can Home Tutoring be Beneficial to your Child?

Can Home Tutoring be Beneficial to your Child? Private tutoring is hugely beneficial especially in the academic development of a child. However, its importance is not recognized by many parents. Studies show that tutoring can boost the grade of a child by more than one and a half grades. What [...]

How to Help Children with Homework

How to Help Children with Homework Kids dragging their feet to do their homework is a clichéd image. But you know what they say, it is cliché because it is true! Ok, that isn’t the exact saying but you know what we’re getting at. Most kids do not like doing [...]

How to Ensure Your Child/Children are School Ready

How to Ensure Your Child/Children are School Ready By Paula-Elizabeth Jordan   I wanted to write this article for two reasons. First because the next term after the summer holidays is, in a lot of countries, when children either start school, or move up to the next academic year. Also, reflecting on my own childhood, despite [...]