Respectfulness is one of the 12 traits of social responsibility. A respectful person shows deference and respect to people, things, and community norms. A respectful person is tolerant of other people and their personal beliefs.

Lied-to Children More Likely to Cheat and Lie

People lie – we know this. People lie to kids – we know this, too. But what happens next? Do children who’ve been lied to lie more themselves?   Surprisingly, the question had not been asked experimentally until Chelsea Hays, then an undergraduate student in psychology at the University of California, San Diego, approached professor [...]

Teaching Acceptance and Understanding for Individuals with Limitations

On my way into work today, I was listening to a local morning program talk about a situation occurring in a local town regarding trick or treating. A parent reportedly posted flyers throughout the neighborhood asking families practice “responsible parenting” and to provide only certain types of candy to all children on Halloween given her [...]

Teaching Children to Respect Different Political Views

It it quite common these days to hear conversations all around you about politics and our government. It can be especially difficult when young children begin to hear it without having some sort of clear understanding. Sure, the schools will teach and talk about a few ideas or topics dealing with politics, but how much can you [...]

Teaching your child to respect other cultures

Considering today's climate with the Paris terrorist attacks and all the other madness that's going on around us at the moment, it seems like the perfect time to talk about how to be respectful -- and how to teach our children to respect others, particularly other's cultures and differences. The biggest challenge is that we are [...]

Do your children respect elders?

What does it mean to teach kids to respect elders? Does this lead to the question, do all people truly deserve respect? While this is a tough question, we as parents do need to instill a sense that our children should respect their elders. In today’s world, parents want their kids friends to interact with [...]

Getting Kids to Respect Animals

Every family has its unique value system, and this is something that parents have to pass down to their children. You can’t wait and let the public school system provide answers to your child’s questions because those values may not agree with your own. Parents have the responsibility to start when their children are young [...]