When words become weapons: Suicide prevention and kids’ online behavior

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By  Shane G. Owens, Ph.D., ABPP   On July 12, 2014, 17-year-old Michelle Carter repeatedly encouraged her 18-year-old boyfriend, Conrad Roy III, to kill himself.   He was in his truck in a K-Mart parking lot, pumping the cab full of carbon monoxide gas. When he stepped out of the truck, she ordered him by [...]

Will machine learning stop suicide?

2018-05-29T15:01:16+00:00 October 20th, 2017|Communication, Health, Technology|

By  Shane G. Owens, Ph.D., ABPP   We are making great strides in preventing the things that kill Americans, except in stopping suicide. Since the turn of the century, we've gotten worse at suicide prevention. It is the 10th leading cause of death, claiming 44,193 lives in 2015, and is the second leading cause of [...]

Internet health information can reduce parents’ trust in doctors’ diagnoses

2017-08-28T14:00:19+00:00 July 18th, 2017|Health, Technology|

Source: American Academy of Pediatrics   Research presented at the 2017 Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting suggests online health information can influence whether parents trust a diagnosis made by their child's doctor, potentially leading to delayed treatment.   The study abstract, "Paging Dr. Google: The Effects of Online Health Information on Parental Trust in Pediatrician' Medical [...]

Should parents post pictures of kids online?

2017-08-27T21:08:04+00:00 June 8th, 2017|Parenting, Technology|

In an age where everything is online and therefore searchable and find-able forever, it is extremely important to consider whether parents should post pictures of their kids online. It is equally important to educate our children (as they get older) about keeping their own online presence in check. A simple scan of Facebook or of [...]

Bullying – How to not be bullied online or in person.

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Bullying - How to not be bullied online or in person. By Lou Scotti   Why are some children and adults more susceptible to bulling? How can we develop a protective shield against bullying?   No matter what form abuse or bullying takes it creates pain. Depending on our Emotional Memory of early childhood and [...]

Parents with bipolar benefit from self-help tool

2017-08-27T21:08:03+00:00 May 31st, 2017|Parenting, Technology|

Parents with bipolar benefit from self-help tool Source: Lancaster University     Online self-management support for parents with Bipolar Disorder leads to improvements in parenting and child behaviour.   That is the finding of researchers from the Spectrum Centre for Mental Health Research at Lancaster University, who recruited 97 parents with Bipolar Disorder who have children [...]

Can parents’ tech obsessions contribute to a child’s bad behavior?

2017-08-27T21:08:02+00:00 May 27th, 2017|Parenting, Psychology, Social Issues, Technology|

Can parents' tech obsessions contribute to a child's bad behavior? Source: Michigan Medicine - University of Michigan   Fatigue. Hunger. Boredom. Those are often on the list of reasons parents mention if their child whines, has tantrums or acts out.   Researchers are now asking if such negative behaviors could be related to something else: parents [...]

E-tool provides wake-up call for parents of children with excess weight

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E-tool provides wake-up call for parents of children with excess weight By University of Alberta Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry   Sometimes we see only the best in our kids -- even when a potential health risk is physically apparent.   An innovative new e-tool, developed by University of Alberta researchers, not only lifts the blinders [...]