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Yellowbrick.me Co-founders Featured On Better Connecticut

Yellowbrick.me co-founders John Christensen and Matt Connell sat down with Melissa Cole of Better Connecticut to talk about Yellowbrick’s mission to help families raise socially responsible children.

Facebook Live Q&A With Amber Briggle To Kick Off Transgender Awareness Week

Yellowbrick.me partnered with Amber Briggle, self-described “mama bear” of transgender child Max and a fearless activist on transgender bullying and discrimination, to host a Facebook Live Q&A to kick off Transgender Awareness Week. She shared the story of life as a trans-inclusive family in Texas and answered numerous audience questions. You can learn more on […]

Working With Children To Build A Peaceful Community with Victoria Christgau​

This is the first in a series of videos of Yellowbrick.me co-founder Matt Connell in conversation with Victoria Christgau​ of the Connecticut Center for Nonviolence​, which works to implement the philosophy of Kingian Nonviolence. In this video, Victoria tells us how to work with children to build a more peaceful community. Learn more about her […]

What Questions Do You Have About Cyberbullying?

Did you know that 43% of teens believe cyberbullying is a bigger problem than drug abuse? Every day, our kids navigate a world where cyberbullying is common. And the epidemic is growing. That’s why we are partnering with Sue Scheff, author of the brand new book “Shame Nation: The Gobal Epidemic of Online Hate” to […]

How to tell if a kid is at-risk for suicide

By Shane G. Owens, Ph.D., ABPP   A kid’s death by suicide is very rare. While none of us wants to dwell on the possibility of a kid’s death, suicide is preventable if you know what puts a kid at risk and how to tell if there’s an imminent risk of suicide.   Here are some […]

How to Ensure Your Child/Children are School Ready

By Paula-Elizabeth Jordan   I wanted to write this article for two reasons. First because the next term after the summer holidays is, in a lot of countries, when children either start school, or move up to the next academic year. Also, reflecting on my own childhood, despite having educationally conscientious parents, I definitely wasn’t ready […]

White Supremacists Still Exist. Here’s What White Parents Can Do About It.

HuffPost recently published an article that we believe is an excellent resource for parents struggling with the fact that white supremacists still exist.   They spoke to parents, activists, educators and allies about how to teach kids to combat racism. And they came up with 15 takeaways for parents to keep in mind.   Click here to […]

How your parenting style affects your child’s future

A research group led by NISHIMURA Kazuo (Project Professor at the Kobe University Center for Social Systems Innovation) and YAGI Tadashi (Professor at the Doshisha University Faculty of Economics) have released survey results showing that children who receive positive attention and care from their parents have high incomes, high happiness levels, academic success, and a […]

Parenting From The Trenches – Episode 6 – Sarah Cody

This livestream “Parenting From The Trenches” episode originally aired on Friday, August 25, 2017 at 10:30 a.m. EDT. The topic is “Work-Life Balance” with special guest Sarah Cody, award-winning journalist and reporter for Fox 61 and the Hartford Courant and host of the “Mommy Minute”. Next Episode November 29, 2017: Donna Palomba of Jane Doe […]