How your parenting style affects your child’s future

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A research group led by NISHIMURA Kazuo (Project Professor at the Kobe University Center for Social Systems Innovation) and YAGI Tadashi (Professor at the Doshisha University Faculty of Economics) have released survey results showing that children who receive positive attention and care from their parents have high incomes, high happiness levels, academic success, and a [...]

The Family Calendar

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Keeping tabs on a single individual can be stressful during the best of times. Managing to keep up with the various activities that the average family engages in can be positively grueling. To keep from losing track of what kid has practice on what day, or which kid has a recital during that week and [...]

3 Tips for Communicating With Kids More Effectively

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As children grow older the level of communication they keep with their parents begins to lessen. The average teenager will give a single, monosyllabic reply to most questions when asked. There are various reasons for this, including the always popular excuse that they are teenagers, and this just how things happen. A lot of parents [...]

Intrusive parents may lead children to be overly self-critical

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Parents may have high expectations of their children’s academic performance and some may demonstrate this by urging the child to achieve good grades, while others may over-react when the child makes mistakes. However, parents should be mindful of their behaviour and not push their children too far, as their actions may lead to unintended consequences. [...]

The Three E’s of Communicating with Teenagers

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Communicating with teenagers is tough, especially when you're trying to talk about important issues and get their viewpoint. But, most of these problems exist solely on our end as parents. And that means they can be corrected. The first step, then, to solicit different viewpoints is to recognize the biggest mistakes parents make when trying to [...]

My Tips for Co-Parenting Dads

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Co-parenting with your ex-wife (or ex-partner) influences the stability of your children. The level of cooperation is important to consider when planning to parent in such a situation. In co-parenting, dads must understand that the child always comes first. Proper co-parenting involves constantly making important decisions. It also involves portraying love to your children. However, this can be quite [...]

Co-Parenting Advice

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When the parents of a child decide to end their relationship, the first thought that pops into their brains is how the separation is going to affect the children. That's the point when any good parent starts seeking out co-parenting advice. No matter what your specific situation looks like, the number one job that is expected [...]