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Coming Together: It’s Time to End Polarization and Encourage Bipartisan Discussion

Dear America I am Sad. I am sad at the state of affairs that seem to surround us. I am saddened by the lacking ability for the country to have meaningful conversations and the seeming in-ability for people who are  on “opposite” sides of any argument to respectfully listen to one another.  I am saddened that facts no longer seem to play a role in dialogue and decision.

As a parent, many of these attributes are in complete opposition to the behaviors I work to instill in my children.

We work to get our children to talk through their disagreements. To work to understand the feelings of the other person and to come to compromise. We work to make sure our children are truthful and do not lie or speak in fiction.

However, as a country we are not following these simple principals that most parents work so hard  to instill in their kids.

We no longer listen each to other. We don’t care about fact, and god for bid someone disagrees with our opinions, we completely dismiss them and their entire message.

How do we change this? How do we get to a point where healthy conversation can transpire?

personally, i do not like Trump, yet there are aspects of the conservative argument that i can respect  and even agree with.

I am all for a stronger economy. I am all for stronger border security, as long as it is not done in-humanely and/or in a manner contradictory to the very core of American values. The values that lady liberty represents.

I am also very comfortable with many of the liberal arguments and feel that Obama was a great President.

However, saying these things will likely lose me favor with both sides. We are in an all or nothing state!

The issue lies in the classification. Why do i need be a left or a right? Why can’t i be an American. Why do i have to reject an argument because i do not like the language, why do i have to dismiss  aspects of a platform because i do not agree with entirety of the platform?

all I know is that i pray we as a country can learn how to listen again. Learn how to talk one another.

Washington is a mess and has been for quite some time. The current president is not making us safer. The current climate is not attractive one, but i fear that we will continue down the rabbit hole until we can listen to each each, until the conversation across the aisle can happen!

Where is the conversation?

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