//Crushing Your Kid’s Funnybone with Top-of-the-Line Dad Jokes

Crushing Your Kid’s Funnybone with Top-of-the-Line Dad Jokes

Getting kids to laugh can be rough after a certain age.  When they’re babies, all you have to do is make funny faces and stick your tongue out at them.  Once they start to develop their own senses of humor it gets much harder.  If you’re not always on the same page, I think just going all-in on the dad jokes is a solid play.  These work especially well with teens and young teens, who have begun to advance their vocabulary.  Here are a few of my favorites…


What nationality is Santa Claus?
-> North Pole-ish.


What does dad have to say about his one floor home?
-> We were going to have a second floor, but that’s another story.


Why is Peter Pan always flying?
-> Because he Neverlands.


What does a backwards poet always do?
-> Writes inverse.


What’s the quickest liquid on Earth?

-> Milk; it’s pasteurized before you see it!


I’ve got plenty more where these came from…perhaps I’ll post some more another time.  Try these out on your kids and see if they land!  Does anyone else have any good dad jokes? Share them in the comments.

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