//Discussing Gang Violence With Kids

Discussing Gang Violence With Kids

Violence is something that many deal with, and some deal with it on a regular basis. You may or may not live in a violent area, but there are going to be times when your children will ask you about gang violence, either way. Your child may read something in the news, hear something from their friends, or witness something on their own. When your children is met with violence and wants answers in regard to it, you must have the answers that they need. Be prepared to give your child answers and advice and to offer them support and peace when they are afraid.


When your child asks you about gang violence, take some time to educate yourself and then explain the issue to them. Let them know why individuals choose to be a part of gangs – they want to fit in, it’s something that their family does, etc. – and then let them know that the violence that is committed by gangs is wrong. Talk to your child about the ways that such violence can hurt individuals and the ways in which families can be destroyed because of it. Take time to let your child know that violence is never the answer, no matter what is going on.


When you are talking to your child about gang violence, make sure that they know that you will always protect them in any way that you can. Help them understand different security measures that you have in place to protect them. Help them understand where they should spend time in order to be safe, areas that they should avoid, and what they should do if they are suddenly in a violent situation. Let your children know that you are available to answer any questions that they might have on the subject, and that you will always support them.

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