Discussing Marijuana Legalization With Kids and Teens

Being a parent has never been easy but it is probably more difficult today than it ever has been in the past. As a parent, you are required to talk with your children about things that are difficult for most adults to have a conversation about. This makes you wonder how you will ever talk about it with your child without making a mistake somewhere along the way. The truth is, it is virtually impossible. You will make mistakes. The key is to speak with your children about things like the legalization of marijuana so that they can make educated decisions of their own and still feel like they can come to you with their own views, even when they differ a great deal from yours, without feeling like they’re going to be judged harshly because of their point of view. Discussing marijuana legalization with you kids is going to be a challenge. Here are a few tips to make the conversation easier.


The legalization of marijuana has sparked a lot of debate among individuals because there are some people who believe that it should be legalized for both medical and recreational purposes across the board while others believe that it should not be legalized in any state, for any reason. The truth is, it has become something of a polarizing topic in the United States and there is little doubt that your children will eventually be forced to form an opinion of their own regarding this topic. What they decide may depend a great deal on what you tell them.


How do you have this type of discussion with your child and still give them the freedom that they need to make their own choices? The best thing that you can do is initiate a discussion when your children are still young about drug use in general. Make sure that they know how harmful drug use can be while simultaneously fostering a culture that allows them to come to you even if they make a mistake. When it comes to the legalization of marijuana, this foundation helps them make their own choices about whether or not they think it should be legalized. Whatever they decide is ultimately up to them but it is important that you remind them that as long as it is illegal, they must abide by those laws or face the potential consequences.


As long as you are educated about the topic, you can have a discussion with your children. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind in a respectful manner and allow them to do the same. Perhaps you will both ultimately learn from each other.