//Discussing Obesity With Kids

Discussing Obesity With Kids

Discussing obesity with kids is important whether or not your child is overweight. The reasons might be obvious if you have a child that is struggling with their weight. However, if all of your children are slim and healthy, you might be wondering why you need to talk to them about something like obesity. The answer is a relatively simple one. It comes down to teaching your children that it is not proper to say unkind things to other people, regardless of the reason. That doesn’t mean that your child is predisposed to doing such things, but it does mean that many children don’t understand things like obesity unless they have someone to guide them. Otherwise, they might simply follow the crowd and act like the overwhelming majority of individuals who seem to blame those individuals who are overweight, often to the point of being extremely hurtful and degrading.


Discussing Obesity With Kids is Important


The truth is, no one likes to have hurtful things said about them. You wouldn’t let your child say something about another individual who has a different culture, is from a different country or whose skin is a different color. Therefore, you shouldn’t allow them to say anything about someone that is overweight, either. If you happen to have a child that is overweight, you know how hurtful it can be when people say things that are derogatory. Chances are, your child has told you on more than one occasion that someone has said something to them that they had no business saying in the first place. This is when it is more important than ever talk to your kids about obesity.


While it is difficult for your child to be happy and comfortable in their own skin when they are being picked on by others, empowering them to be happy with who they are no matter what is one of the best things that you can do for your children. When your child knows who they are as an individual, they can achieve great things even when they have to face bullies and face equally difficult challenges throughout their life. That is why it is so important that you help them understand that they are more than their struggle with obesity. They are an individual who has hopes, dreams and fears, just like everyone else. They are a valuable individual who deserves to be loved and respected just like everyone else. As a parent, you can show them that anyone who isn’t willing to treat them equally is not someone that they need to worry about.

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