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Do you overreact when disciplining your child?

I read the article by Ginger Plowman — Disciplining Your Children Without Losing Your Cool: Six guidelines for controlling your emotions while verbally correcting your kids. I really enjoyed the concept of this article. The article dove into looking to the parents’ motivation for disciplining their child.

It talks about examining your own motivation about the discipline, looking at your own life to determine if you are actually provoking the child in some way, and choosing the right time and place so as not to embarrass your child.

I think all of these points are extremely valid. Mrs. Plowman references the bible and god quite often in this article as sources of help. I believe there are many other sources for help as well…and that one should seek help in whatever way is best for them.

If you feel that you have a tendency to overreact from time to time when engaging your kids, check out this great survey that Yellowbrick.me published. It is an overreactive parenting survey that in 10 simple questions will show you where you fall in this area compared to other parents.

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