Do your children respect elders?

What does it mean to teach kids to respect elders? Does this lead to the question, do all people truly deserve respect? While this is a tough question, we as parents do need to instill a sense that our children should respect their elders.

In today’s world, parents want their kids friends to interact with them differently. When I was growing up, we called all adults by their last name, “no thank you Mrs….” — today parents are more willing to let kids use their first names when interacting.

When we are hanging out with a group, we always ask the parents how they would like to be referred to and then we “demand” our children interact with them in that manner.

I believe that this question of teaching our kids to respect their elders goes deeper then just respecting elders. I believe parents should teach their children to be respectful of all people.

2018-03-09T01:15:45+00:00 September 24th, 2016|Parenting, Relationships, Respectfulness|