Does getting your child vaccinated really matter?

There has always been debate on whether or not a parent should put their child through the immunization process and have the vaccinations done that are needed. Some parents think it is all a part of a government conspiracy of making children more susceptible to those diseases or start them on chemical based antibiotics which can forever lead their lives. Others feel that by exposing their children to the viruses and ailments that are out there, their bodies will naturally adapt to them and they will build their one immunities to them. And then there are a few that just don’t know any better and should be a little more educated before they have any more children.


The truth is that most of these vaccines were developed and created by the government, or at least agencies that work for the government. They were not developed to make money or to be part of a conspiracy of adding chemicals to people. They were developed to save the human race from extinction in some cases. The death toll for many of the vaccines that are out there is much lower than they were before the vaccines. In fact, rarely does someone die from one of the viruses that has had the vaccine for that virus. There would have been extreme conditions for that to happen and often it is something else that caused the death. The vaccines that are available at most doctors’ offices are there because of the research of many people, and they are there to cover the most dangerous ones.


There have been parties where people have the chicken pox or measles and the parents will take their kids to them in order for them to catch it. Then the child will go through the process and develop their own immunity to it. While there is some truth to that, if the child doesn’t get so sick that they are left permanently disabled or worse, think about the implications you are causing the child. As a person that grew up and had both measles and chicken pox, it is horrible to go through. You constantly want to itch, and if you do you can scar for life. Your body is hot as you run a fever, you feel miserable and weak, with many other symptoms as well. This torture, as that is what it feels like, is not something I would wish on my worst enemy. Do you want to subject your child to torture?


My wife being a nurse has seen all sides of the vaccination and immunization process. While she doesn’t always enjoy giving the shots, especially to young children, she would rather do that and see the child grow up healthy. Those that come in and have contracted something such as mumps, measles or chicken box often are quarantined, and they look absolutely miserable. Do yourself a favor and take your children in for their shots. Getting your child vaccinated could save their life.