//Domestic violence is never alright

Domestic violence is never alright

Victims of domestic violence have suffered the unthinkable. Someone they trusted with the world, becomes their reason for pain. Domestic violence kills trust and even after one assault, the victim will never trust their assailant again. Whether it be when the assailant was drunk or sober, the victim, with good reason, lives a life of fear. They may even suffer post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). When children are involved, there is even more reason to fear your assailant. They might turn their anger towards the kids next.


First and foremost, domestic violence is never alright. It doesn’t matter if your assailant has convinced you that you deserved it, you never deserve to be hit. Stop feeling as though the attack was your fault. You need to get out of the situation. This can be permanent or until the assailant gets professional help. Keep a record of each incident. Even call the police and make a report. If the situation escalates to a terrible level, you might need these records to enter a shelter. If the assailant doesn’t agree to get help, get out. He or she will not get better. Eventually the violence can turn to a deadly level.


Domestic violence isn’t just limited to a male assailant. Females are just as capable of causing physical harm. Don’t allow your assailant to guilt you into staying. They will say all sorts of things such as “It will never happen again”, “I didn’t mean it”, “You know i love you and the kids”, or “I don’t want our family breaking up”. This person should have thought of all these things before the relationship turned violent. No one deserves to be the victim of domestic violence. Children don’t deserve to watch a parent get beaten. They will feel a lot of fear, hurt, and might even grow to think this behavior is okay.


Victims of domestic violence might benefit from counseling. Their children might need counseling as well. Occasionally a protection order is needed to keep everyone safe. If you as the victim have moved and still feel unsafe purchase a weapon. This can be a baseball bat if you don’t like guns. Its okay to protect yourself. It’s also okay to feel good about yourself though your assailant might have convinced you otherwise.


Victims of domestic violence need not be victims forever. There are many options to protect yourself and prevent future attacks. Seeking professional help is sometimes a necessity. Most importantly, get yourself and your children away from the situation either permanently or until the assailant has received professional help.

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