Educating Children About Alcoholism

Families have different issues and unique beliefs. It is up to parents to give their children a set of values at home. Children who do not get this from home often end up going with the first group in society that adopts them. It is much better for us to help our children form this system early in life. That’s why it’s so important for parents to begin educating children about alcoholism at an early age.


Alcoholism is a difficult subject to discuss, especially with younger ones. Sometimes, however, a situation will force parents into talking to children about it. Maybe it is a problem in the home or maybe your child has seen it in the extended family. Regardless, the subject of alcohol will eventually come up. Unlike some other issues, you can address alcoholism as a disease. You can explain that some people are born with an unlucky liking for it or that it becomes a terrible habit that people can’t control. If you drink, you will want to provide a reasonable model of drinking where you explain the dangers of drinking too much or drinking and driving.


Some homes do not want alcohol as a part of their life. If you feel this way, it is fine to pass your beliefs on to your children. However, don’t trick yourself into thinking that you don’t need to teach them about alcohol, just because they don’t see it at home. They will see it out in public or at friend’s homes. You need to have the discussion for those times. It is not a given that your children will decide not to drink, just because you do.


It is important for you to explain the reasons for your family’s attitude on drinking. Don’t take for granted that they understand how you feel. Children’s brains are still developing into their 20’s so they may still be quite literal in their thinking. You need to make clear statements about how you believe. Children also should be taught about the legal aspects of drinking and about the adverse effects that alcoholism can have on a person’s life.


Just make sure that there is an open line of communication between you and your children at all times. You want them to feel they can come to you with anything. That line of communication is not built overnight. It begins when they are small, and you answer their questions honestly and appropriately. This is how children learn to trust you with the big issues later on.


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