Educating your teen about alcohol

Sometimes parents have to make difficult choices. After all, being a parent can be difficult enough even when everything is going according to plan. The truth is, things rarely go according to plan and more often than not, parents are left to deal with teens who are having a difficult time making choices for themselves. One of the things that usually comes into play is the use of alcohol. The reason teens and alcohol can be such a dangerous combo is because teens often make the choice to drink as the direct result of peer pressure. Unfortunately, they do not yet possess the level of maturity that they need to make these types of decisions without potentially putting themselves and others in danger.


Alcohol is like a double-edged sword. Teens often agree to drink it at parties or at someone’s house because they feel like they are pressured into doing so. Some of them begin to drink because they want to assert their own independence over their parents and it is something that they can do that is in direct defiance of what their parents are telling them to do. Others really don’t want to, but they are afraid they won’t be accepted into the group if they don’t. This is usually how things get started.


Eventually, the alcohol itself takes over, effectively erasing their ability to think for themselves or make rational decisions. It is a situation where a lot of bad things can happen, even to kids who try really hard to do everything that is expected of them. The truly frightening aspect is that it only takes one time, one lapse in judgment, and everything can fall apart. As a parent, it is essential that you do your best to educate your children about the dangers of alcohol. You also have to teach them how to be strong enough to stand up for themselves, even when it goes against the rest of the group. Unfortunately, the rest is really left up to them, leaving you to hope they make the right choices.