Education Is the Key to Breaking the Circle of Poverty

The seemingly never-ending circle of poverty can be broken with adequate education. Essentially, jobs that can help people pay their bills and support themselves and their families require a high school diploma at least. Unfortunately, the bar has been raised recently, and the necessary educational levels go above high school education as well. This all suggests that people who drop out of school due to poverty are a lot more likely to continue living in these conditions. They will become poor adults and the circle will repeat itself. That being said, education is the most obvious solution to this problem.

It’s necessary to look at the big picture

Families with children who are poor need to prepare their children for the future. Generally speaking, this may be the most difficult thing to do. The whole concept relies on the ability of poor parents who struggle to put food on the table to change the perception of poverty for their kids. However, this is an essential practice. Early childhood can have serious impact on the kid’s development later on. Apart from their teachers, parents have to put some effort into instilling love for learning and the idea that breaking from poverty is actually possible. Children who spend their childhoods preoccupied with the adult problems involving money are less likely to be interested in school and education when the time comes. Therefore, this is a multi-generation issue and the solution starts with the parents.

Breaking the circle of poverty

As mentioned, parents are the first link in the chain of poverty. They are responsible for providing for their kids and inspiring them to pursue their goals through childhood. But, how can that be possible when every day is a struggle? Therefore, it’s not all about providing enough resources and help for school-age kids. The problem has to be addressed at home. In that respect, the essential step in breaking the circle of poverty is to provide for the whole families. Child care, nursing, psychological assistance, etc. targeted at poor families all make a well-rounded assistance program that will minimize the poverty levels in the future. It’s the adults that have to be motivated and educated first so that they can help their children along the way. Only then is it possible to have special school programs for children from poor families that will help them grow up to be strong and educated individuals.

Helping the girls to improve their life

When poverty is concerned, it is usually the girls in the families who get an even shorter end of the stick. Unfortunately, the majority of poor families with more than one child will usually encourage their sons to pursue education simply because they don’t have any means to support all of them. On the other hand, boys have more options when it comes to jobs later on, which still leaves the girls in an unfavourable position. That being said, providing proper education for girls is essential for breaking from the circle of poverty. Luckily, it’s possible to apply for high school scholarships for girls to solve this problem. An educated girl will grow up to be an educated woman who will be able to seek job opportunities suitable for normal life. Encouraging girls from poor families to learn and improve themselves will consequently result in a lower birth rate among the poor. This is essent ial when it comes to breaking the circle of poverty at its core.

Poverty is not a problem of one generation and cannot be treated as an isolated issue. It takes a lot of time and effort to actually make a difference, which is why it’s necessary that charities, foundations and assistance programs for the poor focus their work on entire families and all generations within the underclass.