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Eliminating Homework Hassles

HOMEWORK….the very word causes the eye roll and audible groan of virtually every kid in the universe. Moms and dads are not immune either…and the mere thought of the nightly wrangle to get the kids to do their homework causes even the most seasoned parent’s toes to curl.

“I LOVE Homework!!”…said no one, EVER.

Like it or not, homework is a fact of school life; the trick is learning how to get your kids to take responsibility for their homework and eliminate the dreaded homework hassles. Parents may get just as frustrated with homework as their kids are, and it’s sometimes hard to know how much help is appropriate and how much you should back off. To help your kids take responsibility for their homework, Yellowbrick.me has prepared a list of tips you can try.

Establish a Routine: Involve the child in establishing a routine for homework. First, decide when homework will be done. Will it be right after school? Or after a snack and a bit of play time? Or maybe even right after dinner? Whatever you choose, try to make it consistent. Having to do homework at the same time every day can help with motivation and remembering.

A Homework Haven: Establishing a homework location is as important as establishing a time. Again, this need not follow rigid guidelines; watch your child and talk to him about how he functions best. Does your student do better with an adult present or flying solo? With music or in complete silence? Once these facts are determined, their new found homework haven can be created to provide a safe, comfortable and nurturing atmosphere for them to get to the task at hand.

Rewards and Incentives: Sometimes, rewards and incentives can really help make a not-so-fun task a little more enjoyable. Getting a good grade can seem like a vague goal, especially to younger children since it’s something they can’t see, feel or touch immediately. Your child may need small rewards throughout the homework session, or a weekly or once daily reward may be fine. Older kids can shoot for a monthly goal and reward —  and experts say that a system of points may work best. Establish a point system where each task is worth a certain amount of points. The child can periodically “cash in” the points for privileges. You can use play money, too, for younger kids.

The Yellowbrick.me community wants to know — What is YOUR family’s process to help relieve the homework hassles?

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