Everyone on Yellowbrick seems to be talking about compassion

Everyone on Yellowbrick seems to be talking about compassion. So here are my two cents!!!!


Teaching children compassion is a difficult thing because many times they don’t realize that other people have feelings to. Children are very “ego” centered at this stage. Often times the best thing to do is when in a social situation and if another child is upset ask your child if they understand WHY the other person might upset. Often times it’s something simple like daily interactions that teach a child about compassion. Another way to possibly teach a child about compassion is to have them take care of a pet or take care of someone else who might not be feeling well.


SHOWING children what compassion is often works wonders. Giving someone a hug or offering consolation if someone is upset goes a long way. Many times children don’t have the skill set to know how to deal with difficult situations. That’s why children lash out in group settings. I personally believe it’s very important intervene and explain why it isn’t an acceptable way to deal with a problem and we use our words to express what is happening. If they don’t have the words then it’s up to the adult to help the child find the words to express. Books can also be another good way to teach children about compassion and caring for others.