Friendly, Honest Adoption Facts

As one of many who has been adopted, the adoption program has changed tremendously over the past forty to fifty years. Back in the 1950’s and 1960’s adoption was usually kept quiet. Usually when children were adopted there were two things that the courts focused upon before allowing the adoption to take place. The adoptive parents and prospective adoptive children had to be of the same race and color. Otherwise the adoption would never take place in those days. Some adoptions take a very short time and other adoptions can take several years. There is no certain time frame as to when things will get done, so the best thing to do is be patient.


As we move forward in time the adoption process has brought on many changes. There is now what is known as an open adoption. Instead of adoptive children being ostracized from their biological parent, the adoptive parents and biological parent work together to raise the child or children. There are no secrets and everyone has a voice in what is best for the child or children. When a small child or children are brought up within this type of atmosphere there are no unexpected surprises, and it is an environment everyone becomes accustomed to from the beginning.


There are more adoptions taking place for overseas children, but just be sure that the authorities you talk with are legitimate. Do background research on them, and at anytime during negotiations if something is said, or a suggestion is made that makes you feel uncomfortable, walk away. Today adoptions take place to provide a loving home for children and to bring joy to a home where children are wanted and loved.


Once the adoption is complete and your child or children have entered into your lives, introduce them to others as if they were your biological children. As long as you and your children know and understand about being adopted that is all that matters.