Getting Your Child to Open Up

There are times when you are talking to your child and you feel frustrated with the fact that they don’t seem willing to share more than a word or two. There are times when you are looking for real answers and your child is only responding with a “yes” or a “no”. Such times can be frustrating and they can be hard to handle. You can get more from your child by choosing to phrase your questions in a different way. If you are interested in getting your child to open up, then you need to learn how to ask open questions rather than closed ones.


You would like to have your child open up to you and you want to make sure that they are comfortable talking to you. In order to help your child as they sit down to converse with you, choose to word your questions in a way that requires a long response. Don’t ask your child if they had fun, ask them what it was about the event that was fun. Don’t ask your child if they regret what they did, instead ask them how they are feeling in regard to the mistake that they made and what they are going to do in order to right things.


You would like to have your children open up to you and share their hearts with you. There are times when your children are going to want to be alone and when they are going to be silent no matter what kind of trick you try to use to get them to open up, but there are also times when the right kind of questions can help them to share with you more information than you are used to receiving from them. When you choose open questions, you choose to truly know your children.