//Golden Tips for Retiring in 2017

Golden Tips for Retiring in 2017

For some people the idea of retirement is all about sitting and watching TV with your feet on the table. For others, however, retirement is a new beginning and the greatest journey of life. In order for you to have a good retirement plan, you need a solid financial plan that will enable you to achieve your goals. These tips are only the tip of the iceberg of possibilities for the golden age.

Health before wealth

According to a poll, more than 80 percent of today’s retirees believe health is the keystone of a happy retirement. For many of them good health is important even more than financial security. A Merrill Lynch study that included more than 5,400 Americans has shown that only 58 percent of retirees put financial security in the first place. Staying healthy after the 60th birthday includes walking, gardening, joining a gym and eating healthy. However, mental exercise and having a purpose are also important for good health.

Keeping a purpose

Make every day count. An Oxford University study that contrasted adult development in the U.S. and Japan has discovered that well-being of senior persons is linked to what Japanese call ikigai (what makes life worthy). In other words, leading a meaningful life alleviates the effects of aging. Another study by Patrick Hill of Carleton University and Nicholas A. Turiano of Rochester University indicates that people who keep a purpose in their senior years tend to outlive their peers. Interestingly, the age when people found their direction didn’t seem to matter.

Importance of staying married

Marriage, as well as long term relationships are beneficial for mental health. A study published in Psychophysiology journal in March 2014 concludes that although stressful marriages are destructive as we age, strong partner relationships have positive effects on every aspect of life. A research by Harvard Medical School that focused on men found out that men with marital partners live longer than their divorced or widowed peers. Even if you spend every day together once you retire, regular date nights are important for keeping the marriage strong.

Time spent with grandkids kills depression

Grandparents who are able to both give and receive support from their grandchildren are less likely to be depressed. A research from Boston College’s Institute on Aging shows that mutual emotional support benefits both grandparents and adult grandchildren. Playing actively with your grandchildren doesn’t mean you have to climb trees and play tag. There are other games you can play as well as visit places together.

Best places to retire

Perhaps you already live there, and perhaps there is a better place for your retirement. If you manage to cut back on the living space and move to a more economical location, relocating may provide you with more money for pursuing other retirement goals. When you retire, you don’t have to stay in the house where you have lived all your life. By moving to communities for elderly citizens you can surround yourself with like-minded people of the baby-boomer generation, with whom you have so much in common. Not to mention that luxury retirement homes offer dining facilities as well as 24-hour medical care.

Even though you retired from work, you didn’t retire from the world. Once you leave the 9 to 5 lifestyle, you enter the world of opportunity. This is the time to answer all those questions about what your life would look like had you chosen a different turn. Although it’s probably late to become a fighter pilot or a professional athlete, you can hike outback tours or learn skydiving. You will be amazed to find out how many famous people made their greatest accomplishments in the third age.


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