//Good manners set the stage for a good life

Good manners set the stage for a good life

It might sound crazy but it’s true, good manners will take you farther in life than those without them. Unfortunately, with generation gaps those manners are not being taught in the home well enough to be remembered and respected by most children. And it starts with the same behavior that the parents themselves exhibit.

When it comes to teaching kids manners it must be applied to everything they do. There is more to it than a simple please and thank you when they are asking for things and getting them in return. It is the tone they use and how they ask that can set the stage. No attitude and asking may I have something please will go a long way. For respect teaching there is the “Yes Sir, No Sir, or Yes Ma’am, No Ma’am” that will always do the trick. Not only does this good manner tip carry through for life, but it shows respect for others which is something a hiring manage or human resources always look for.

There are many small manners that will help boost confidence as well as composure and discipline in children. Things such as saying excuse me, after passing gas. Pardon me, when a person is accidentally bumped into at the store or just walking by. There are even manners when it comes to driving that while are not always used by everyone are appreciated when they are used.

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