Help Your Kid Overcome the Fear of Dentists

Going to the dentist’s can be quite traumatic for kids. They find themselves in this strange and sterile room, surrounded by scary instruments and unfamiliar people – no wonder they are scared. Plus, they might not fully understand why they need to go see that intimidating doctor who pokes around their mouth with different metallic needles and drills. If you follow these tips below, your kid will soon overcome their fear and feel more relaxed and comfortable during their visits to the dentist.

Don’t wait too long

The younger your kid is during their first dentist appointment, the better. Don’t make an appointment with a different dentist every time, but make sure to choose one that is professional and experienced and stick to them. This way your kid will get to know the staff and the doctor, grow up with them and get comfortable with the space. You can start taking your kid to see the dentist as soon as they get their first tooth which usually happens during the first year of their life.

Answer any question they have

When talking about dentists, the best thing you can do is be honest. You can sit down with your kid and discuss any fear he or she has connected to the dentist. Make sure you always talk about the appointment in a very positive tone, and leave out some of the details you think can make your child fear the dentist even more. An experienced dentist will know what kind of language to use with kids, so you better leave the details to them. Try not to say things such as “Everything will be okay” or “The doctor will only look at your teeth”. What if your kid needs a treatment? They might lose trust in you and develop an even bigger fear.

Consider a paediatric dentist

The dentist and their office play a big role in your child’s fears. Most of the adult offices you can visit are white and sterile, and that can scare the child. Additionally, a non-paediatric dentist might lack experience in dealing with children and making them feel at ease. On the other hand, paediatric dentists know just what tone and language to use to calm the child and make the whole experience fun and stress-free. Plus, their offices are usually brightly painted, have many fun posters and there’s always some cartoon on the TV.

Talk to you kid about oral hygiene

Teach your child that the visits to the dentist are necessary just like going to school or doing your chores. Further explain that the dentist will make sure they have a beautiful smile and that their teeth are strong and healthy. You should also teach your kid the importance of oral hygiene. Brushing and flossing should become an integral part of their everyday hygiene, and you can start getting them used to brushing as soon as their first tooth comes out. Any skilled dentist in Bondi Junction will be happy to explain how you should take care of your baby’s teeth and give you useful advice on children’s oral hygiene.

Don’t fuss about fussing

If your kid cries, wiggles or whines while being examined, don’t worry. It’s all normal and dentists are used to it. Make sure you stay calm and rely on the dentist’s expertise in these situations. If the dentist asks you to stay at the back or to come closer and hold your kid’s hand, then it’s best if you listen to their advice. Just remember to stay positive and don’t overreact in any way.

Visits to the dentist don’t have to be a nightmare. If you are patient and talk to your kids about what it is that dentists do, soon their appointments will pass without any stress and worry.