//Helping Build Long-Lasting Friendships for Your Children

Helping Build Long-Lasting Friendships for Your Children

When you look back on your childhood, you remember all of the wonderful memories of playing in the backyard with some of the neighborhood kids on your street, or maybe sitting in the library with some classmates talking about the day. These memories often overshadow the uncomfortable and awkward stages of trying to make friends, especially when you are a new kid in the school or transitioning into middle or even high school. It can be challenging to get your child to talk when they are feeling like they don’t quite fit in, but sometimes just trying to listen and give a few helpful bit’s of advice is all they will need.


Long-Lasting Friendships for Your Children

As I began middle school so many years ago, I had a group of friends who I thought were always going to be by my side and have my back, because that is how young girls, and guys, think. However, we began to drift apart as we left our naive childhood “likes” and began to find new hobbies and new activities to take part in. It wasn’t until my freshman year of high school that I found my group of friends that I still talk with to this day, now that we are graduated and living our own adult lives. Even still, though, my strongest relationships are the ones that I have made after all the schooling, the friends in the “real world”. The one piece of advice that I wish I would have been able to hear and comprehend during those younger stages was that the friendships you think are so important back in your naive state are not so crucial in the long run. Sure, I still have connections with those people, but as you continue to grow, you begin to find the people who really like to be with you for you, and not just because you have a certain status or a certain “friend” in school.


It is definitely difficult to be able to make that comprehendible for a child. They will want to do things their own way, and that is okay. Sometimes, the best discoveries they make are on their own. Sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes it’s the wrong decisions, and sometimes everything works out. Just be there for your child, and give them advice when you feel they really are needing it. Eventually, they will find what they are looking for, and they will be able to make all those wonderful memories just as you did.

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