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Helping Kids Grasp the Issue of Abortion

Abortion can be a difficult subject to talk to your children or teens about. It is a complex moral and physical issue that a young child might not be able to fully grasp. Once a child becomes curious or hears about abortion, you must decide how much to tell them. As children grow older, and adolescence starts, the overall subject of sex becomes necessary. If you can be honest and straightforward with their questions, you will have a trust to build on as things become more complicated.


Avoid using “cute” names when explaining sex to your child. The actual appropriate names should be utilized while cautioning your child that these are not things to be discussed in public or at school. Just because you have told your son what a “penis’ is does not mean that other parents have told their children yet. If you try to confuse your child with fairytales about sex, they will not trust you with harder questions like abortion.


The moral question of abortion is something personal to your family. You should explain your beliefs to your child after helping them understand what abortion is. The best possible outcome is if you can share your beliefs about abortion with your child and also teach him to respect other’s values. Abortions can bring out deep emotions with some people, but children respond better to facts and convictions. No matter what your belief is about abortion, your child will interact with other individuals who see things differently. Your child or teen will watch you as you deal with this issue, and they are more likely to do what you do than copy what you say.


Each teen is an individual with a unique personality. Hopefully, you know your child well, and you will know how much detail they can handle. You can’t wait until they are teenagers to establish a good strong line of communication with them. You have to begin early, when they are little, by truly listening to them and by giving them honesty in return. If you have this type of relationship with your child you will be able to discuss anything that comes up, with your teen.

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