//Helping your bedwetting child stay dry

Helping your bedwetting child stay dry

Bladder control is difficult in many children. You should be at a position to cognize that your child does not wet bed deliberately or because of laziness. Insulting your kid will not only make it stiff for him/her to stop bedwetting but also lower the child’s confidence.


First, try find out the root cause of your child’s bedwetting problem. A small bladder, too much sleep and a body that makes a large amount of urine are some of the major causes of bedwetting. Some of this causes maybe controlled, while some need medical attention. Make sure your child goes to the bathroom before going to bed. Also, avoid giving your child too much fluid especially if you live in very cold regions. Consequently, your child can assume a less molten diet in the evening this will help regulate the rate at which the child’s body makes urine.


You can also control your child’s way of sleeping by introducing a night alarm. This might sound unpleasant advice, but it is for the best interest of your child. It will allow you child have a bathroom break, which automatically liberates the bladder and welcomes a dry night. After a while your child will adapt the routine and the bedwetting problem will be no more.

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