//Helping Your Kids Make A Filing System For Organizing Documents

Helping Your Kids Make A Filing System For Organizing Documents

Being organized is a good habit for anyone to get into. For kids, it’s a great way for them to learn to be responsible and to save time by not having to look for important things like homework, school papers, etc. Helping your children create a filing system to keep their papers organized and conveniently at hand is a skill that will benefit them throughout life.


Organizational Skills for Kids


Even very young children can get on the road to becoming organized as soon as they are old enough to attend preschool. Give them a folder and have them place all coloring pages or drawings into the folder, rather than having them littered around the floor or stuffed into a drawer or box. As they get older, add another, different colored folder and have them separate the types of papers they have into the two different folders.


Older children can of course organize papers into a more advanced type of filing system using labeled folders or by filing papers in alphabetical order, by subject, etc. The idea is to get them to be responsible for their own files, to build good organizational skills, and to know precisely where their documents are when they are needed, rather than having everything smashed together in a hodgepodge at the bottom of a book bag or locker.


The internet is also a great way to stay organized. Since a great deal of communication today takes place online via email, teach your children how to create a file folder system within their email accounts, and to sort and organize email into these folders. Teach them to clearly label each folder so that they will know where important messages are at a glance. Let them know the importance of avoiding clutter, even if it is virtual clutter, by deleting any and all unimportant email or spam.


In the hectic world we live in today, we need to make sure our children have every possible advantage when it comes to being organized and efficient. Helping them to create a filing system is a skill that will benefit them throughout their lives.

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