How to Create a Perfect Reading Corner in Your Child’s Room

Learn How to Create a Perfect Reading Corner in Your Child’s Room

It’s a parent’s job to try and bring out the best in their children. Waking up your children’s creativity as well as their inner bookworm is definitely something they will be grateful for once they become a bit older. Therefore, you can start by making them a reading corner – a comfortable place with enough light where they can sit and lose themselves in their favorite stories.

You can design this perfect little place any way you want, but keep in mind that it should – first and foremost – be comfortable and cozy. Perhaps you will choose a mini version of an Eames rocking chair, or you can go for a big chair where you can both sit, read and cuddle together. Beanbag chairs, floor cushions, lazy bags or squashy crash pads surrounded by books on bought or custom-made bookshelves are just some key pieces that are bound to make this book nook pitch perfect.

1. Discuss it with your kids

After all, it is a place where they will spend their time, not you. So, ask your kids about the details, let them choose books and prevailing colors, and discuss design ideas together.

2. Find the right spot and make it inviting

A reading corner doesn’t have to be big. It needs to be quiet, away from the TV and other distractions, but it also needs to be parent-friendly, so you can join in, and help your kids with the reading when there’s a need to.

Make the corner inviting by choosing a bright and welcoming color scheme that children will be drawn to. Let them choose their favorite colors and decorate the walls with their own drawings and artwork. You could use some sheets and create a book-reading tent or add colorful curtains to divide the space and make it more private.

3. Keep it functional and simple

Comfortable seating, enough light and a few bookshelves is all it takes. They don’t need other things to distract them – simple is always better. You can make the nook more interesting and comfortable by adding cozy cushions, and introduce even more color with patterned kids’ rugs. Try to locate the nook next to a window, since your child will need a lot of natural light. If that can’t be done, add a quality reading lamp for early evenings, nights and gloomy days.

4. Make it pretty

The book nook should be aesthetically pleasing, as kids appreciate beauty, just like adults do. We feel nice when we’re surrounded by clean, new and fresh things. This doesn’t mean you should equip the spot with brand-new stuff, but add things that are new to you. Take a flower from your garden, put it in a vase, and place it on the top bookshelf. Hang your kids’ artwork or frame their favorite book covers. Remember, it needs to be pretty, not brand-new, fancy and expensive.

5. Opt for child-friendly storage

A good place to store all the books is necessary, as books are the most important element of any reading corner. If your kids are pre-readers, it’s a good idea to place picture books with their covers facing outwards, so they can recognize them. The books shouldn’t be stacked in towering piles or placed too high, but within easy reach, so they can grab them easily and put them back when they’re done reading.

Do this project together with your kids, to create a perfect reading corner for them. It doesn’t take much effort and time – just use your creativity. Once you notice that your children often sit there, browsing through their picture books or reading Alice in Wonderland for the first time, you’ll know that you’ve made the right move as a parent. Good luck


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