How to Empower Your Kids

Dr. Ivan Ferrero is a psychologist, psychotherapist, and educator. He is one of Italy’s most accomplished parenting experts. In this Yellowbrick talk, Dr. Ferrero will teach you the how to empower your kids. You will learn how to set boundaries, maintain strict household rules, and set up an environment that gives your kids the tools they need to feel confident and empowered.



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Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Educator, Dr Ivan Ferrero provides a range of Services whilst being a Parenting Advisor, Anti-Cyberbullying Ambassador, Cyber Advocate, and Scientific partner for many companies and non-profit Associations all around the World.


He writes about Teens, New Technologies and related issues on many Social Networks and platforms, and he currently works with Familoop as Cyberbullying Protection Expert.


You can contact him at [email protected] and follow him on Snapchat at ivan_psy, where he shares his Parenting Tips and his Educational Snaps.