//How to Explain Anti-Muslim Discrimination to Your Child

How to Explain Anti-Muslim Discrimination to Your Child

Kids today do not have the same prejudices or the same fears to worry over as past generations did. There are still issues that touch everyone throughout the world and concern all races, but in the present day and age they have become far different than ever before.


Racial discrimination once gripped the country and almost tore it down. What threatens the peace between races now is the ever persistent problem of anti-muslim discrimination. Since children are born without prejudice it is easy to understand how the idea of treating people differently for such trivial reasons could be confusing. There are a few ways parents can help their children understand why anti-muslim discrimination is wrong, and what it can do. Those methods include:


1) Be honest.


Do your absolute best to teach children that every person is the same despite their differences. I can recall many moments of confusion experienced by my own children in regards to discrimination, and I have always done my absolute best to tell them why the world is the way it is. Children can understand and absorb information far easier when adults don’t try to hide things or protect them from the world.


2) If you can, try waiting until kids are 5 to 8 years of age to discuss this matter.


This is the age that kids will begin to notice and distinguish differences and similarities. Again, be honest in how you speak to children, and be understanding of their confusion. Explain why people are different and how those differences make people who they are. The basics of this subject are still typically enough to give children a better understanding of other races. My own kids have often noticed people of different nationalities, including muslims, and asked me several questions about them. All I can do is tell them what I know, unbiased and in as simple a manner that I can.


3) Answer the hard questions.


From the time they are young to the point they become teenagers, kids will ask many hard questions regarding race. Kids of this generation will deal more with anti-muslim discrimination and all its pitfalls than any generation before them. It is important to know enough that you are able to speak to kids about this very serious subject. Read the papers, watch the news, and make your own informed opinions. Just remember, what you teach children now might very well affect them for the rest of their lives.


— by Tracy Harold; Yellowbrick Blogger

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