//How to Get Rid of Nasty Nail Biting Habits

How to Get Rid of Nasty Nail Biting Habits

It may not be the most common or the only bad habit that we see our children pick up as they grow, but nail biting is definitely a problem nonetheless. If it isn’t taken care of and stopped, it could lead to your child biting them too far down and even causing minor infections. Of course, we don’t want any of that with our little ones! With a few of these tidbits I have to offer, you will find that the nail biting will be long way before you know it.


It wasn’t until recently that I noticed my oldest daughter was beginning to bite her nails, which is a trait that my husband also does quite frequently. However, her dilemma was getting to the point where she was eating the dried nail polish off of her finger nails as well. Gross, right? So, I decided to try something that my mother did win me when I was young. I was a thumb sucker when I was young, and my mother bought a nail polish that is meant to stop from fingers going in the mouth because it causes a bad taste to linger. I got a similar brand of nail polish with the same taste, and sure enough, my little girl was through biting her nails after a couple of days of sour faces.


If that doesn’t seem like the best option for you and your family, there are always other ways that you can attempt to resolve the issue with your child. It is always important to read your own child, and what techniques impact them the best. Either way, you can never go wrong when it comes to helping your children get rid of their nasty habits that they pick up!

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