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How to get your teenager to eat healthy

Want to know how to get your teenager to eat healthy foods?  If you have concerns, and want to ensure your child is receiving the right information, use these helpful tips.


Get them involved


Instead of nagging your teen to eat their veggies, ask them to take part in the meal planning process. Let them incorporate their interests and likes and find a recipe that looks delicious together. Chances are that if they are involved in the process, they will learn essential cooking skills and feel proud of the meal they made. This is a much more effective way to get them to eat healthier.


Make goals together


Sometimes, when trying to get a teen to eat healthier, all they will feel is that they are being attacked. Choose a goal for yourself that you need to work on and ask them to pick something as well. Let them know you need them to keep on track and you will offer the same support. This takes away the negative attention and makes it seem as if you are on the same level


Try something new


Each week, pick something new to try. It could be a recipe or a new food. The agreement should be that everyone in the family tries it, so that it feels like a safe space. Chances are your teen will discover a food they may not have known they liked. This will also help to add to your healthy eating menu.


Get creative


Note what snacks they like best. Is it crunchy and salty? Make a healthier alternative. Apple chips or kale chips are great alternatives for the usual greasy potato chip. If they prefer something sweet, make frozen yogurt out of almond milk and bananas.


The most important thing to note is that if you want your teen to take eating healthy seriously, you must lead by example. There is nothing more frustrating than having a parent nagging their teen, only to do the opposite themselves.

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