//How to Handle Other Parents’ Not So Friendly Judgements

How to Handle Other Parents’ Not So Friendly Judgements

Let’s face it. Becoming a parent is more than likely one of the most remarkable experiences in your life, and something that you can never fully grasp until it happens to you. In reality, there is no bad way to parent your child or children. Everybody has their own techniques, and their own beliefs, and there honestly is no right and wrong. However, you are bound to meet the friend or even family member who tries to push what they feel is best when it comes to raising kids on you, and it’s is good to prepare yourself for those circumstances regardless if you face it or not.


In my own experience with raising my two children thus far, I have butted heads with a few individuals about certain aspects to raising them, and it was mostly with my own mother. Don’t get me wrong, I love her dearly, but I found myself often having to stand up to her and remind her that they were my children, and it was up to my husband and I to raise them, not her. It is so crucial to, once you become a parent, grow a backbone and have the courage to stand up to those who try to test you and push you to your limit. You are the only person who knows your children the best, and you ultimately have the say in how they are raised and how they grow.


It seems silly to think that you need so much courage to stand up to others, but for some, it can be really difficult to get in their say and to speak their mind and their beliefs. It is okay to stand up for what you believe in, and it is okay to face those who have important roles in your life. Just remember that your children are yours, and that no one has the right to stand in your way.

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