How to Help Children with Homework

Kids dragging their feet to do their homework is a clichéd image. But you know what they say, it is cliché because it is true! Ok, that isn’t the exact saying but you know what we’re getting at. Most kids do not like doing their homework. After a long day of school the last thing they (usually) want to do is sit down and crack open their math book. It is a fight no one wants to have night after night after night… so here are a few tips to help you out.

Set Up a Designated Homework Routine

First things first, lay out a plan with your kid. Set down some expectations, and some rules for homework time. These are totally up to you and what works for your family. It doesn’t matter if homework needs to be complete before, or after, dinner as long as the time expectation is understood. Setting aside a designated place and time to do homework can do wonders for your child’s focus. Have a clean and quiet area ready for your kids and you to sit while homework takes place.

Recognize How Much Help Is Needed

It can be really challenging to step back and avoid diving in to help your little one out once some frustration with their work is voiced. It is totally natural to want to help them. Helping them is absolutely recommended. Doing the work for them, on the other hand, is not. It is important that you make sure that they are doing the work, and that they are coming to the conclusions on their own. Don’t tell them the answers, or explain in excruciating detail how you would do it. Allow them to come to their own conclusions. Once they gain their footing, and their confidence starts to come back, step back and make yourself unavailable while they continue on. They will call you if and when they need more assistance.

Need a Little Additional Help?

If your child continues to struggle with their work, speak up and get in touch with their teacher to see what could potentially be the cause. There are a number of things that could be going on. Speaking with the teacher could clue you in to these. It could be as simple as your child is having trouble seeing the chalk board, they are distracted during class and not focusing on the lesson, or they require some tutoring outside of the school day. A great tutor can be an amazing gift! Tutors not only provide your child with an understanding of the topic at hand but they get your kids confidence back on track. You will see it really soar once the first aced test comes back home.

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