//How to hold a baby

How to hold a baby

Inexperienced parents may be concerned about how to hold a baby. It’s natural to worry about injuring or dropping an infant, but you’ll want your baby to feel your confidence instead of your concern. Before you do anything, relax.


How to Hold a Baby


A newborn baby’s head will be wobbly and need support, both when you pick him or her up and when you hold them. Use one hand behind the baby’s head and neck and place your other arm around the baby’s bottom. Gently lift the baby to yourself. Infants are comforted by the sound of a parent’s heartbeat and warmth, so you can place your baby against your chest. Just be certain to make sure the baby’s head is to one side or above your shoulder, to allow for proper breathing.


You can also cradle a baby in your arms, by placing the head of the baby in the crook of one arm and resting its legs and feet on your other arm. Gently rock the baby side to side if you wish.


As your baby gets older and can hold up their own head without your help, you can experiment with other positions. Before you know it, you’ll be an expert at how to hold a baby.

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