How to Talk to Your Child About Racism

When approaching the subject of racism with your child it is important to remember that popular culture may promote specific types of racism and if you leave it too long to begin talking with your child they may be exposed to massive amounts of racism that will warp their view because it is seen as “cool” by the masses that watch specific shows. In order to counteract this, it is important to start talking with your children as soon as you can.


How to Talk to Your Child About Racism

Some of the important things to do are to make sure that first your teen is aware that no matter the differences in skin color, religion, customs, and language all humans are the same, we just go through different things depending on where we are from in the world.


Telling your child that all people are similar in ways that can’t be changed will be a good way to make sure that they think more on racism instead of just going with the flow like everyone around them. Keep your children engages in multicultural events as often as possible that way they have exposure to the differences and teach them to respect the differences between people instead of choosing to focus on them as negatives. If you continue to positively mention and think on the differences between races like the blessings they are your child may learn to take the same views as you and view all races with more respect instead of hatred or indifference to them.


I personally grew up in a multicultural family where my aunt was married to a man from Africa, and most of my friends growing up had been Hispanic or African American, being exposed to the different cultures nearby while I was growing up has had a major impact on me and my mother was constantly talking to me about how all races should be respected as well as all religions, and that has limited the impact of racist sentiments on me for my entire life. Instead of following everyone that insists that whites are the best, or only one religion is the true religion, thanks to mom I learned growing up to respect everyone no matter what their lifestyle may be or what their race is. Racism may be a problem in the world right now, but if families start to work more and more together trying to teach their children against it then racism can be avoided and people may begin to respect one another more.