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I want to share my breastfeeding advice

The greatest bonding time between the mother and the baby is during breastfeeding. It’s a moment when the mother is so close to the baby. You have the chance to supply the child with proper nutrition and nourishment necessary for development throughout their life. However, young mothers have developed different questions surrounding the topic of breastfeeding. They are legitimate issues that require informative answers such as;


How do I hold my baby?

There are different positions you can hold your newborn when breastfeeding but most importantly make sure that you are supported fully and comfortable.  The first pose traditionally called cradled hold, is whereby you sit on the chair placing the baby on your lap. The main issue is to support the child with your hand and one arm as he/she faces you and begin to feed. Recycling position is when you and your baby lay facing each other as you support his/her head with your arm when feeding. A football hold entails placing the child underneath your arm and support his/her head with your hand while feeding.


How often should the baby be fed?

At the beginning doctor’s advice young mothers that; the newborn should be fed after every 2-3 hours which would be around eight to twelve feedings per day. The baby needs all the nutrients it can get. Breast milk is much thinner and lighter than formula; therefore, the baby needs more. When the child gets older, the feeding will spread out to around four to six hours per day. The baby should feed approximately 5-10 minutes per breast depending on the baby as well as milk production. However, feeding your child will allow your boobs to generate more milk.


How will I tell that the baby is full?

In breastfeeding cases, your child will alert you when he/she is full. When they are finished, they will wiggle, push you off, or simply let go of the nipple.



The best advice on how to best feed your baby may vary because every mother’s situation is different. However, it’s good to choose the right position that makes your child comfortable.

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