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Infant Stimulation: Tips and Advice

Infant stimulation is immensely important for the sake of their mental health and intelligence. It’s easy to think that “they’re too little” to care or become bored or that they don’t need much entertainment, which gives you an excuse not to worry about infant stimulation right now, but that’s FAR from being the case. The truth is that the ways that you interact and stimulate them during infancy will have a huge impact on their level of brain power as they get older.


The Benefits

By giving an infant playful attention or something for them to interact with you’re actually exercising their brains and building up their cognitive muscle capacity. By doing so your child develops better attention span, memory, and learning capabilities and comprehension.


How To Do It

As they age, the level of stimulation you need to provide will need to become increasingly more and advanced, which is why toys are put into age groups that become gradually become more sophisticated. Immediately after birth, you’re holding and talking with them is all they need. Later though you will need to speak to them much more consistently and proactively play with toys with them to give them an understanding of how they should be interacting with physical objects. Laughter is another tool that really gets their minds in motion by first hearing it from you and then as they develop their own unique sense of humors. Taking them outside frequently is also a huge way to help them grow due to all the different kinds of stimuli that they are not normally exposed to within your home.


What Not To Do

There are all sorts of baby products that are made for child safety to alleviate the amount of effort you need to put into the job, but relying on them as inanimate baby sitters is one of the worst things you can do for your child. Don’t simply leave children in playpens, cribs, car seats, etc. for long periods of time. Obviously there will be plenty of times where you need to use them to briefly free up your attention so when you do use them at least give them toys or something to hold and look at. You also don’t want to keep them confined or isolated to the inside of your home too much. They have to have interaction to with other people and locations and even animals in order to grow and learn correctly.

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