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Infant Stimulation

Infant stimulation provides one of the primary and most basic needs for a baby to grow and develop in a healthy manner. it is the main source of meaningful bonding between a parent and child. Spending quality time bonding with your little one helps them to recognize feelings of safety and security.


The very first instance of infant stimulation usually occurs moments after birth, when the newborn is laid on the mother’s chest for skin-to-skin contact. Fathers also can participate in this type of bonding with their child in the same manner. Further stimulation occurs as the parent holds and cuddles the baby for bathing, feeding, rocking to sleep, etc.


It is important for the healthy development of the infant to experience stimulation as he grows and becomes more aware of the world. Giving the baby a massage, rubbing the legs, feet, arms, hands, tummy, and back is a perfect way to help your child to become responsive to touch. After bath time, apply a soothing baby lotion to your little one. The combination of the bath followed by a soothing massage will be relaxing to the infant, as well as providing him with a feeling of being loved and cared for.


Take a bit of time each day to play with your baby. It is never too early to begin doing this. Lie him on his back and move his arms and legs in bending, stretching, and circular motions. Talk to him as you do so, sing to him, play music – all are wonderful sources of stimulation for his body and his senses.


Infant stimulation does not include activities such as leaving the child in a seat or lying in front of a television or computer screen and allowing him to watch television shows or videos for extended periods of time. While this is indeed a form of infant stimulation, it is not a healthy one, nor does it produce beneficial results. There will be time enough for such things when he is older. Infancy is a time to bond as a family, as parent to child, in a manner which will help your child to grow up well-adjusted, content, and with a healthy, positive sense of self-worth. It is the most precious time of your child’s life – the beginning of his journey through the world. it is important to give him every possible advantage. Infant stimulation can begin at nearly the moment of birth and can continue with play time, bath time, even nap time as he is being swaddled and held close. It is the very first building blocks of a happy, healthy life.

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