[Infographic] Gun Safety For Kids

Gun safety is a hot topic in the United States. Anytime it’s brought up, someone thinks there is an agenda. This post is not a political one. It isn’t in favor, or against, personal firearms. It’s simply a post that was inspired by a conversation I had with lady at work.

This lady owns a firearm. One day, we were talking, and she casually mentioned she leaves it loaded and on her night stand. I know she has a three year old daughter, so I asked if she is ever worried that something may go wrong. She confidently replied that her daughter would never touch her gun because she “knows better.”

That got me thinking and doing some research. While the percentage of accidents related to children and guns is very low, I learned that doing a few simple things can drastically reduce the likelihood of an accident in the home.

These few things are outlined in the infographic. I also wrote a post on the subject on my blog title Gun Safety For Kids Is A Matter of Life and Death.

I sincerely hope you all enjoy the infographic, learn a little something, and share it if you think it is valuable.

(I had to compress the file to get it within the uploading limits – hopefully the quality is ok still. For the highest quality, please click the link above to head to my site where the original is posted.)

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