International travel insurance

When we grow up, our parents become the kids we have to look after. However, in between obsessing over their health to fussing over the tiniest details of their daily life, we often forget that they also need a carefree vacation to rejuvenate their mind, body and soul. After a hard-earned life, isn’t that what everyone wants? You can fulfill their desire by gifting them an international travel package to explore the world and just enjoy life. After all, vacations are more enjoyable when a loved one pays for them.

But before sending them off to a fancy trip, don’t forget to purchase travel insurance. By purchasing a comprehensive travel insurance policy for your parents, you shoulder their traveling anxiety and give them a chance to have a carefree vacation. There is no dearth of international travel insurance plans in India. You can do your research and save time by booking travel insurance online. Have a look at the different ways it can benefit them:

Cover against medical expenses: We know your biggest worry would probably revolve around your parents’ health. What if they have a serious fall during the trip or have a sudden stroke? This is where a travel insurance helps by providing you medical cover for hospitalization, ambulance and any medical treatments that may be needed. So in any medical emergency abroad, your parents can avail the best services and heal well without having to worry about the costs involved.
Cover against trip/hotel issues: So just in case the flight is delayed or your parents want to cancel the trip, a good travel insurance will provide cover for any penalties and fees that may be charged. And if your parents love the destination and want to extend their trip for a few more days, you can extend their insurance term and let them enjoy to their heart’s content.
Cover against baggage loss: Are you worried that your parents may misplace important documents or have their stuff lost? Well, their travel insurance will provide cover for the loss of checked-in baggage or gear due to delays, theft and burglary. If they misplace important documents like passport and visa, they can get quick assistance without any hassles. Along with this, any legal expenses and liabilities are also covered by the policy.